How BuckyDrop Works?

How BuckyDrop Works?

BuckyDrop, a one-stop ecommerce solution designed to help you with multi-platform management & efficient operations. What is BuckyDrop? How does it work? Now we'll walk you through it, from its positioning to target audience to business processes. Then, you'll see why BuckyDrop may perfectly suit your business and learn how to leverage it to manage your entire process.

What is BuckyDrop

Looking for a complete ecommerce solution to all your needs? BuckyDrop is 100% worth a try! What is BuckyDrop? It's a dropshipping expert covering all Chinese marketplaces and offers complete solutions. With efficient automation tools, BuckyDrop helps streamline daily business processes and scale your business with ease. From product selection and order fulfillment to warehousing and global shipping, BuckyDrop has you totally covered in one platform. Plus, our value-added services will support your business every step of the way.

How does BuckyDrop work

Now you already know about BuckyDrop, let's see how it works. We will sync your Shopify/WooCommerce orders and handle all steps including sourcing, quality checks, value-added services, package processing, and global shipping until delivery to customers.

Order Sync

Any order customers place on your Shopify/WooCommerce store will be auto-synced to BuckyDrop Admin.


BuckyDrop will auto-generate purchase orders, source items from Chinese marketplaces, and follow up to ensure timely delivery to our warehouse.

Quality Checks & Value-Added Services

Sourced items will be received upon arrival and undergo strict quality checks. Plus, value-added services will be available at your request. Then the items will be safely stored in the BuckyDrop warehouse for delivery.

Package Processing

BuckyDrop auto-submits packages, then we'll take items off shelves, pack them, and weigh packages before handing them over to couriers.

Logistics Shipping & Tracking

Packages ship overseas, and BuckyDrop supports real-time tracking updates, with shipping info auto-synced to your Shopify/WooCommerce store until delivery to customers.

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